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Enrique Muda Bull  
Stolen moments

My photographic school is Photojournalism that I channeled into streetphotography, snapshots stolen from public space. My personal project worked as a bridge for me to cover all kinds of events and carry out commissioned reports.

My approach to photography is intuitive, what moves me are the narrative aspects of the casual, 
what happens in unpredictable, the evocative capacity of everyday reality is infinite.

I am interested in people, their gestures and expressions, how they communicate and cohabit. Portraying the humanity that emerges from these moments is my goal.

Customers: Ajuntament de Barcelona – Museu del Disseny de Barcelona – MACBA – ADG FAD – ADI FAD – IAAC – OJALÁ Projects BAUElisava – ESDAP – ÚS Barcelona – TEB – CRAE – Metzineres – Airbnb – Sephora – Boehringer Ingelheim – Carl Hansen & Son – Grup Olivé – Tapa Tapa – Carballeira  Nukak – Grupo Malpaso 


My other work: